Cd Cover making off

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Get to know Alex Konahin, the amazing artist that worked closely with us to create an unique and kick ass cover art for our debut album!

We were in awe the first time we saw Alex’s work. ┬áHis extremely detailed hand drawings are simply mindblowing and we knew he was the guy we needed to help us shape the way we present our music to the world.

Alex was awesome from the get-go. With a great approach to our briefing, he created our monogram in the first sketches he sent us and we immediately fell in love with it.


From there, we discussed several approaches and Alex came up with awesome concept sketches.

The hard part was to choose a starting point and move forward.. but eventually we did!

And finally..A kick ass work all around!

You can find Alex Konahin work on Facebook and Behance.
Go there and say hi!