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Album Reviews

Here’s a list of reviews and articles so far, for our debut album:

In For Those About To Rock:

Insanely amusing audio review for our debut album:


 In AmpedMagazine:

By: Simon Pendry
First up are The Fuzz Drivers, a tremendously exciting rock band from Portugal. Comprised of four members – vocalist Marcelo Viera, Sergio ‘Mad Mag’ on guitar, bassist Joao Lopes and Duarte Carvalho on drums – the quartet have been in existence for a bit over three years and have just released their eponymously-titled debut album. Focusing on a classic 70’s rock inspired sound the guys are extremely competent musicians and the album is chock-full of cracking tunes. The opening trio of “Discordia Song”, “Shine”, and “Eats Me Up” set their stall out with some style. Thunderous drums, searing guitar riffs and a stomping bass all underpin Marcelo’s high-pitched but wonderfully tuneful vocals. Fans of Led Zeppelin in particular will find much to love in “Shine” which storms into being like “When The Levee Breaks'” snot-nosed little cousin. Fourth track “Carved Time” changes tack and heads into epic power-ballad territory. (Although we’re talkingLynyrd Skynyrd and Guns ‘n’ Roses as opposed to Bon Jovi or Europe. You know, proper power ballads.) A nostalgia-tinged belter, the chorus of ‘Those were the days, those were the times, I need to find that tree I carved my name on’ should have rockers of a certain age coming over all wobbly-chinned. It then surges forth into an absolute corker of a solo from Sergio. Excellent stuff.

“Mama Told You” and their current single, “The Poet And The Thief” continue the balls-to-the-floor rocktastic vibe of the first three tracks – full of fist-in-the-air choruses and ear-shredding solos – whilst “Until It Bleeds” has a real Alice In Chains vibe to it. No bad thing as far as I’m concerned. However it’s all about “Into The Sun” for us here at Amped. Beginning with a groovy, laid-back bass line the song builds slowly as the rest of the band roll in to the tune with a swagger that belies their brief time together as a band. The song continues to grow into an utter behemoth of a rock song – full of juice and with no chance of drying out. Sergio’s solo at the climax is a thing of wonder. Mighty. Final track “White Lies”  is another full-on rocker that almost pummels you into the ground with it’s driving rhythm. It’ll sound monumental live. All in all then, this is a huge statement of intent from Lisbon​’s finest. Nestling snugly into the box currently filled by Rival Sons, I can easily see The Fuzz Drivers breathing down the necks of that aforementioned group. You can find their album on their website or stream it on Spotify. Highly recommended.

Check here:!album-reviewsa/c24ke

In RockFusion:

When Danny Vaughn introduces you to a band, you stand up and take notice. The Fuzz Drivers are a Portuguese based band made up of 4 men who all share an undying love for old school rock n’ roll. Think Rival Sons meets The Burning Crows and you’ll have a fairly good idea of what these guys are like.

They have a simple, back-to-basics approach to their songwriting, which suggests these songs written during spontaneous jams under the sweltering and laborious Portugal sun. It’s not the greatest album you’ll hear all year, that much is true, but there are some genuinely great moments across the album. From the foot-stomping Mama Told You, to the manic drumming of Shine, this is rock at its rawest.

There’s a sense of familiarity across the entire release, they band don’t exactly reinvent the wheel here but what they do do is take the tried and true  formula of the past 40 or so years and make use of it in a very, very well constructed way.

Eats Me Up has a simple and catchy riff that keeps you hooked across the verse before thundering into a powerful and memorable chorus. The old school rock vibe is on full show on Into The Sun with it’s elegantly simple guitar and jingling conjuring images of Free and the The Doors.

One of my personal highlights from the album is Carved Time. It’s a slower, almost ballad like track that lets you feel some of the spirit and passion the band have to offer complete with soaring vocals and a great breakdown section that leads into a brilliant guitar solo.

For a debut release the sound and quality of the album is really quite impressive. Production is tight, the writing top notch and their charisma and energy bleeds through the speakers and you know this is 4 guys loving what they are doing. All in all this goes to show that The Fuzz Drivers are in the early stages of greatness.

As a whole the album is a the album is, for the most part, a blistering success that will get you in the mood for the summer sun as well as the mud soaked fields of the UK festival circuit. The album won’t cost you a penny as it is free to download from the band’s website and its good stuff so no matter your musical taste you really have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

– Phil Weller & Edward Laing

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 In Louder Than Hell: (4/5)

The Fuzz Drivers, a Portuguese rock’n’roll Band, may have formed in early 2010 but they are not a young band. Their sound is based on the classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s with aspects of southern rock and some blues rock. This can be heard in their debut, self-titled, album. The album was recorded, mixed and released in January 2013 by the band themselves.

‘Discordia Song’ kicks off this album with a strong melody from guitarist Sergio and a toe tapping beat from drummer Duarte. Vocalist Marcelo gives powerful vocals that really bring out the classic rock style aimed for by the band, giving this first track a catchy chorus. These elements are continued in the next track ‘Shine’ accompanied by some heavier blues styles and a quicker paced middle section to this track with an outro that would fit well into a classic rock song. ‘Eat Me Up’ carries on this upbeat rock feel bringing in a strong guitar solo and instrumental build up to a final chorus and outro.

Fourth track ‘Carved Time’ gives hints of the classic rock bands that The Fuzz Drivers take influence from; a great melody from guitar and bass, adding in some piano at the end, give this track a little bit of a power ballad feel and would make a great single release. Back to the more blues/ southern rock feel ‘Mama Told You’ gives a catchy melody and a chorus to sing to.  Following track ‘Into the Sun’ starts off with a good bass line, from bassist João, soon joined by guitar, which over the verses has a softer sound but still maintains power in the chorus sections and solo.

‘The Poet and the Thief’ comes straight in with a great guitar melody and drum combination making another powerful rock song for the album; a track worth listening to more than once. Followed up with ‘Until it Bleeds’ these are probably the heaviest tracks on this album and The Fuzz Drivers deliver a powerful performance with both. Finishing up is ‘White Lies’ which carries on the classic rock feel, a strong end for the album. At the end of this track is a piano piece which in no way harms the album but is possibly not necessary.

For a self-produced debut album it is very well put together and has a great sound. Any classic rock fans could easily get into this.

Check here:
Also check our interview here: 


In Rockulus Maximus: (7/11)

Not known for producing gripping and electrifying classic themed Rock music, a band have come crawling out from the hot rays of the sun in Portugal. It might be perhaps more appropriate to say that they didn’t so much crawl, but charge like rampant, enthusiastic and swaggering newcomers! Welcome to The Fuzz Drivers. They mean business ladies and gentlemen.

Their self-titled debut album is being given away for free as this reviewer types these words, and that in of itself is a reflection on the current state of the music scene. Mind you, this could also be a highly shrewd method of promotion?

Being aware of so many cool Rock bands that have adopted this real, raw-to-the-core vibe of distorted wonder like Black Wolf from the UK; 68-75 from Atlanta; The Graveltones, Rival Sons and the list goes on into the distant yonder. How does yet another band paying homage to the late sixties and the seventies compare with this current new and exciting breed?

“The Fuzz Drivers” contains nine tasty nuggets of golden Rock, beginning with a little drum, then BANG! We’re up and running with some vocals sweetly layed on top of the rhythm section as the first verse is revealed. The band on this self-titled debut album consists of Marcelo (vocals), Duarte (drums), João (bass) and Sérgio (guitar). All participating in this nostalgic-fueled Rockin’ riot. The guitar glows in the dark on “Discordia Song” before building into a crescendo and lingering with a sustained fading chord.

“Shine” carries a familiar riff but it sits comfortably next to the previous track Groove baby. With a cry of “Let love shine,” Marcello states in no uncertain tones where his heart is. “Eats Me Up” continues the flavour and flow. Watch for the fabulous chorus.

Listeners to the Rock show here in the north of the Highlands will have already heard “Carved Time” with hints of The Beatles being woven into the fabric of its power ballad status. Back to the more uptempo feel as “Mama Told You” comes stomping into earshot. Yet again familiar, but delivered with a keen energy.

“Into The Sun” is the longest song on offer here, and starts off with a steady bass and drum collaboration. Easing the listener into some light guitar and some crooning vocals, the song gradually builds.

Next up is the full throttle revved up glory of “The Poet And The Thief” which received an exclusive preview at “Screamer Magazine.” The guitar solo in this nearly set fire to my ears, it runs wild and rife! Once you recover from this song it’s all about “Until It Bleeds” with the foot slightly off the gas. Slower groove introduced, it doesn’t quite hit the mark. Like a fizzy drink that’s still got a flavour, but has lost its fizz.

Song number nine arrives with a bass-line and invites the rest of the band to join the party. Again, the feeling that I’m left with is that it’s a Rocker but doesn’t quite hold up in comparison to the earlier songs.

This debut album is a great gift to those who are new to the band. You get some really striking moments and it proves that with some extra work, maybe a little more time taken before another release, that these guys could blow some minds. They get an enthusiastic seven out of eleven for oozing potential and bravado without over doing things. Incidentally, listen out for a piano-based moment right at the tail end of “The Fuzz Drivers.” Sincere and a pleasant

Check Here:—THE-FUZZ-DRIVERS.php


In Hard Rock Nights:

by Maria Haskins
Rock and roll, that’s what it’s all about on this excellent debut album from Portuguese band The Fuzz Drivers – old-school, rollicking, joyfully played rock n’ roll that isn’t trying for over-processed, sterile perfection, but rather wants to rock your heart, and rock your soul, and rock your body, and make you feel something (maybe even think something). The Fuzz Drivers succeed on all counts.

Produced and recorded by the band, this album has a great, professional sound with a free-flowing vibe that makes you feel like you’re right there with them as they’re laying down the tracks. This is music that is alive – living and breathing, swinging and rolling, with a 1970s flavor that recalls classic bands like Led Zeppelin, and the later years of The Beatles. As for comparisons to current bands, I’d say The Fuzz Drivers are kindred spirits of Rival Sons, as well as Canada’s Monster Truck and The Sheepdogs.

The band introduces itself with “Discordia Song”, and like pretty much all the tracks here, it starts off with a great riff from guitarist Sérgio “Mad Mag” that sucks you in and pulls you close. Add some seriously hard-hitting drums from Duarte Carvalho, a terrific throbbing bass pulse from João Lopes, and front-man Marcelo Viera’s fiery vocals, and you have one of the best tunes on the album, and one that captures the essence of the The Fuzz Drivers’ sound.

In truth, it’s hard to pick out favorite tunes here, because every track is solid and pleasurable rock’n’roll, making this the kind of album you want to devour whole. Standouts include the groovy, swinging “Shine” with its beautiful heavy riffs and prominently strong and hefty drums; and the psychedelia-flavored “Into The Sun”, with the rhythm section showing their chops again, a tasty bluesy guitar, and some great lyrics too: “While we’re longing for the things we never had, We save those broken pieces, Just to make it whole somewhere”.

Another strong tune is “The Poet And The Thief”, an all-out heavy, classic rocker with Sérgio letting loose on guitar, and passionate vocals from Marcelo: “Step down from where you’re standing, be the change that you’re demanding, be the poet and the thief”. The band lays it down heavy again on “Until It Bleeds” with those seductive riffs putting their hooks in me and laying me low, just like they’re supposed to do. “Mama Told You” is another kicker of a tune with a stomping intro, nice vocal harmonies, and that southern, dirty rock vibe coming through strong.

The Fuzz Drivers can rock and they can roll, and this debut is most certainly both a head-turner and a barn-burner. I can’t wait to hear more from this band in the future, and I highly recommend checking out this Portuguese sensation. Really, there’s no excuse not to give them a listen, because you can download this album for free (or order the CD) from the band’s website.

Check here:


 In Plasmodium Vivax (Portugal):

Estreamos a nossa rubrica semanal com um “belo naco” de música nacional, selado dos dois lados com guitarradas ao gosto, temperado com um punhado de boas influencias musicais: alguns sons sempre frescos da década de 70 como Led Zepplin e The Who e um stoner/rock do dia. Apresentamos THE FUZZ DRIVERS como ementa de hoje, sugerimos para audição o “Debut Album” dos mesmo, com a degustação do tema “Discordia Song”. Projecto formado por Marcelo na voz, Duarte na bateria, João no Baixo e Sérgio na guitarra, teve o seu inicio em 2010, com um registo de rock, orbitando o mesmo ao rock clássico das icónicas bandas de 60 e 70. Blues/Rock e Southern Rock são notas a ser tomadas para a identificação estilística desta banda, que possui ambiências melódicas fortes e letras poderosas (como os mesmo se afirmam).

Será o prato de entrada para esta semana.

Rubrica: P.Chagas

Veja aqui:


In Roadie Crew Magazine (Brasil):

roadie_crew_coverImage (70)



In Mondo Brutal webzine (Portugal):



Check here the full mag:


In Steal The Spotlight Magazine  – 8/10

Sometimes things don’t add up. What is expected is completely wrong. That’s where; “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes into play. The Portuguese band The Fuzz Drivers is just that. Described as having a southern rock feel you wouldn’t expect to hear.

Their debut album consists of 9 tracks and gets going with “Discordia Song.” The track has loads of character right off the bat. There is a nice easy feeling that you get when listening. The bass drops a thick line while the vocals grab your attention. The guitars roll along while the drums do their thing. The track sounds really good and you can’t deny it. It is a track that can do some damage with the vibe it gives off. The ending could have wrapped up a little sooner, but it really doesn’t hurt the track too much.

“Shine” is harder to get into. The vocals are set back a bit more and are harder to hear. The guitars take center stage while the drums hammer home some nice strikes. The vocals are just too far back for the track to really take off in an album version.

“Eats Me Up” offers up some cool sounding vocals and even better guitars. However, they really don’t go together. The opening section seems like it goes on forever and when they finally do move onto the next section the track sounds better. The chorus is really the only place that I felt a real connection with the tune.

“Carved Time” is not a bad sounding offering. The tune rolls along with ease and a nice presents to it. I really like the multiple vocals in this one as they add some depth to the song. The vibe is spot on and it is just so easy to listen to. The guitar solo is solid, but it is really the vocals that make this track move.

“Mama Told You” opens up with a killer beat which they keep around for the entire track. This one has style and an awesome presence to it. It rolls along with precise strikes and picks. The vibe of the track is great and will quickly catch fire. It will spark a frenzy.

“Into The Sun” begins with another cool beat that grabs your attention. The drums and bass get things going with guitars making a surprise appearance. The vocals then enter and that guitar leaves the power behind. The addition of the extra stuff adds depth to the tune. The track isn’t powerful, but I think it has that sound that will keep it in the spotlight for awhile.

“The Poet and the Thief” rips through the intro with one of the fastest offerings on the record. The track is a party waiting to happen. It hits hard and fast with controlled vocals. There is a little instrumental section that sounds phenomenal which actually lasts through the next vocal section. They then transition into a huge solo part which is great. This is by far the best tune on the album thus far. I can hear this one doing huge things.

“Until It Bleeds” offers up yet another great intro. The track overall is stellar too. The vocals are clean and easy to follow while the music marches along. Although it sounds solid the track does seem to go on too long.

“White Lies” wraps up the album with a thick bass getting the track started. The vocals are a little set back in this one, but they still sound strong. The guitar solo is nuts and really spices up the track that was getting a little stannic in the middle of the track. It finishes out strong and might be a second tier tune. There is a hidden tune on the track right after the “White Lies” song.

Overall this album is solid. There are a couple items that I think they need to address, but nothing too major. Most of them I feel are in the recoding process. The vocals need to be recorded more up front in the some of the tracks. There are a couple star tunes on this album. They are robust and powerful. The music rips through like a tornado in the spring time. The album as a whole has a nice flow to it. There are a couple up tempo tracks plus a couple slower ones. Most of the transitions throughout the tracks are clean while the intros and solos are mind blowing. This is something that they can build upon and really do some damage. I would like to hear more from The Fuzz Drivers.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Tracks to Watch:
Discordia Song, Mama Told You, The Poet and the Thief


In Rockadia

Portuguese rockers The Fuzz Drivers raise some eyebrows with a solid southern rock debut album! Read our review and interview with frontman Marcelo!

The Fuzz Drivers are a breath of fresh air in a somewhat stereotypical industry, and clearly demonstrate the phrase “Never judge a book by its cover”.  In this case, it is my own judgements that have been tested, because as soon as I learned that these guys were from Portugal I went into typical typecast mode – perhaps as a form of defence – with an air of hesitation as to what I was about to hear. Eurovision-style rock perhaps?

Well, firstly I would like to thank the boys for blowing away the judgemental cobwebs from my brain!  Just seconds into the album and my eyebrows are sky high with surprise…..and the smile creeps back to my face in appreciation! Phew!

What we have here is a mixture of classic and modern rock music, shoved in a food blender then roasted into a perfectly tasty sub-genre that pays tribute to the great characteristic rock writing formula whilst adding a pinch of modern flare.  Brilliant!

Album opener Discordia is an apt example for what to expect for the rest of the album – energetic four-to-the-floor drum (Duarte Carvalho) beat verse allowing the dynamic and space for some iconic lyrical vocals (Marcelo Vieira), guitar fuelled riffage (Sergio “Mad Mag”) effortlessly complimented by bass guitar (Joao Lopes) leading into soaring hooky choruses, satisfying the hungry ear.  What’s more to say?

Tracks like ShineThe Poet and the Thief and Until It Bleeds reminisce on the classic rock era whilst Carved in Time visits a more ‘Beatle-rock’ vibe with the clean guitar arpeggio riff, again adding that modern edge to the composition.
Mama Told You initially sounds like a 70’s rock version of the Fratellis ‘Chelsea Dagger’ but fortunately Marcelo’s impressive vocals detract from this likeliness as it heads into a multi-harmonious chorus.  Into The Sun touches on some modern blues leaving Eats Me Up and White Lies as classic toe-tapping tracks with some superb guitar solos!

This is a great album and one I would easily recommend to both lovers of old and new music – it certainly has the power to appeal to the mass market!  The production is top quality and the song-writing a clear illustration of the potential The Fuzz Drivers have for any future albums!

The album is available FREE from their website HERE.  Go and get it NOW!

Meanwhile, while you are downloading your free copy of the album, read our interview below with frontman Marcelo!

Read the interview here.


in Hard Rock Hideout – 8/10

Rock and Roll will never die!  That is what I think when I hear a band like The Fuzz Drivers for the first time. Classic rock has inspired bands all over the globe, and The Fuzz Drivers are dishing out the best 70′s style rock and roll I have ever heard from Portugal.

The first time I listened to “Discordia Song”, I knew I was going to enjoy The Fuzz Drivers’ album, but what I didn’t realize is how much.  After my first couple of listens, I detected a lot of Zeppelin and Beatles influences in the music, and that is a good thing.  Sérgio dishes out some mad riffs on “Discordia Song”, and Marcelo Vieira pushes his vocals to the limit.

“Shine” is possibly my favorite track on the album.  This powerful number is driven by the Bonham-esque drums of Duarte Carvalho. This heavy tune gets better with every listen.

When I listen to the song “Carved Time”, songs like “Dear Prudence” and “Over the Hills And Far Away” come to mind. Sergio’s guitar tone falls somewhere between those two songs, and I love it!  If there was ever a more radio friendly song, “Carved Time” is the one that is worthy of a lot of radio airplay.

“Mama Told You” has an infectious little riff that makes this one incredibly catchy tune. I like this one a lot.

For a self produced and recorded album, the sound quality on this album is top notch. The band did an outstanding job putting this together.  Even though the album is a little on the short side, it is a solid debut for The Fuzz Drivers. With music this good, I think the band has the potential to get some global recognition.

You can get a copy of The Fuzz Drivers’ new album for FREE at this link.  If you like bands like The Answer, or Black Robot, check out The Fuzz Drivers! You will be glad you did!


in TBFM Online – 4,5/5

Well here’s something you don’t come across often, a Portuguese Southern rock band, and if I’m honest I wondered if I should approach it with a long stick and a dustbin lid if I’m honest. I had to do a double take when I started listening, there is nothing about this band that would in any way let you know they are Portuguese, I’ll admit this is prejudice on my part, in my head I was expecting Eurovision style rock, and this DEFINITELY isn’t that.

From Lisbon, The Fuzz Drivers are not a young band, you can tell that by the influences, if you like your rock 60, 70’s and Southern then you’ll like this….a lot. Duarte Carvalho’s pounding drums bring on the ‘The Discordia Song’. It reminds me strongly of Tracer. The second thing that hit me, after the surprise, was the quality of the production. Apparently produced by the band, this is a quality production for a debut album.

Sérgio ‘Mad Mag’ certainly recognises a good riff and when he hears it in his head, and fattened out with João Lopes bass lines ‘Shine’ is another potential single. I love ‘Eats Me Up’, I can’t begin to tell you how much; it’s the best song on the album to my mind, unconventional timing, the hookiest vocal line you ever heard and a monumental chorus. Play it loud, it will blow your freaking mind!

The intro to ‘Carved Time’ is very reminiscent of the Beatles and has a Bad Company hook hiding in there too,Marcelo has the searing rock voice that belts out the speakers and sandpapers your ear drums. The opening of ‘Mama Told You’ reminds me of the pop rock songs of the 70’s but it’s straight ahead southern rock, no messing, you’ll be downing Desperado’s and head-banging by the end I promise.

Into The Sun’ has the laid back bluesy piano, bluesy guitar feel of some of the early 70’s bands as they drifted into prog rock. You may need to borrow a teenager’s bedroom and crack out the joss sticks etc for this one. A Tracer and Slash mash up would probably sound a lot like ‘The Poet and the Thief’ and ’Until it Bleeds‘ is a another powerful rock song with Marcelo putting in a Klaus Meine type vocal to it.

Finishing up with ‘White Lies’, this is one of those songs I’d put on my ‘Driving’ playlist, I want listen to it with a full tank, and an open road in front of me so I can floor it. I have to say, I liked this album on first play and it’s grown on me more and more. Each time I listen to it I hear something new, The Fuzz Drivers roots show that’s for sure, but that doesn’t detract from the fact this is a very fine album indeed.

The album is FREE to download from their website:


In Myglobalmind webzine – 9/10

Music from the heart, that’s certainly the case for this portuguese rockband The Fuzz Drivers. Their recently released self titled debut is a true classic rock hallelujah, with a retro-sound spanning three decades of classic (hard)rock.

Marcelo (vocals), Sergio (guitar), João (bass) and Duarte (drums) deliver in 40 minutes, the classic playing time of an LP, an absolute enjoyable, bluesy and soulfull album. Lyrically it’s for a change not about the obvious sex and drugs related subjects but according the band the songs all have ‘meaningfull lyrics’.

With a DIY attitude the band recorded, mixed and produced all the material by themselves in their own home studio. Thanks to the internet they prove once again that a new band doesn’t always need a record company or label to spread their music. But I do hope that these guys will soon be signed to a label because they deserve it. It would be awesome to release this kind of material on vinyl !

Singer Marcelo has a voice very similar to Lenny Wolf (Kingdome Come), where the rest of the band unmistakebly lay down a Led Zeppelin groove with solid rhythms and catchy rockriffs on the guitar. Just listen to the opening drums on ‘Shine’ and the band easily steps into the Led Zeppelin IV atmosphere. Other influences in this well oiled rock machinery are southern rockbands like The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Black Crowes. Even fans from Guns N’ Roses will find this one very attractive for sure.

To pick out highlights is difficult as it is very strong and coherent material. Anyway, for me the opening track ‘Discordia Song’ is an immediate classic song where the four portugese guys showcase their skills with pounding rhythms and awesome vocals. Further I would mention the bluesy ‘Mama Told You’ which has a steady beat and catchy melody, and the beautiful ‘Into The Sun’ where you even can notice a short keyboard solo very reminiscent to The Doors.

Check them out at bandcamp where the album can be streamed completely (and where you can buy digital files as well).


In SCREAMER Magazine



Southern Rock from a Portuguese rock band?  That would be CORRECT!  The Fuzz Drivers are a blasting new sound formed in Lisbon, who are now claiming fast fame in Portugal.    The  talents of Marcelo Vieira (vocals), Sergio “Mad Mag” (guitar), João Lopes (bass) and Duarte Carvalho (drums) packs a power house of sound into their self titled debut album.

Influences from music of the past three decades is heard, however, the end result is a definite Southern Rock jam not to be denied.   The nine track album contains a catalog of tunes just released this past January 31, 2013.   Discordia Song will catch you by surprise with the four taps of a drum from Carvalo and slamming straight into full rock intro to vocals from Vieira which leave you instantly caught up in the experience.  Mad Mag’s riffs are masterful enough to rate with others that have been around for quite some time.  Shine and Eats Me Up lean toward the classic rock feel, but Carved Time will give you the 70’s heartbeat with a hint of influence of The Allman Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Lynard Skynard.  Mama Told You is a definite throwback in time to early classic rock mixed with southern flare which unveils the ability of this foursome to pound the speakers.  Into The Sun has a bit of blues thrown in with  a fleeting ”trip” from The Doors.  The Poet and The Thief along with Until It Bleeds are the most powerful pure rock songs on the album, showcasing the bands full talents.  White Lieswraps up the album with a smack in the face from a sound reminiscent to the early 80’s before the long hair.

The guitar riffs from Mad Mag, the deep bass of Lopes, the pounding drums from Carvalho and the massive vocals of Vieira prove The Fuzz Drivers came to ROCK!


in Firebrand Magazine – 10/10



in Dangerdog Music Review – 4/5

“Reaching into hard rock’s past, Portugal’s The Fuzz Driver’s deliver a blistering platter of heavier melodic hard rock styled from Seventies and Eighties.”

The band name and the album art may give you a clue to The Fuzz Drivers sound. Or not. This Portugal band reaches deep into rock history to pull from Seventies and early Eighties heavier melodic hard rock, washed through subtle textures of blues and southern rock.

Ultimately, The Fuzz Drivers want to be a rock n roll band. Yes, a heavier one a that, but the fist pumping edge often blends with a toe-tapping groove as heard on Eats Me Up, Carved Time, and Mama Told You. You might hear a touch that blues feel, and possibly a little psychedelic style, within Into the Sun. A solid bass and drum line drive the groovy White Lies.

Within all this is some surprisingly frisky fret work from guitarist Sergio ‘Mad Mag,’ and vocalist Marcelo Vieira has a clean and soaring style, a little higher in the register. Mostly, this self-titled debut is a strong effort, with its only flaw being that it’s too short, one or two more songs would have pushed the album into the better than 40 minute range. Otherwise, easily recommended.

in ThisIsNotAScene – 7/10

The Fuzz Drivers are a hard rocking quartet who have been around for a couple of years and have built up a bit of a buzz, which should be beneficial with regards to the release of their self-titled debut album.

Taking their inspiration from 60s and 70s classic rock, with a few touches of the blues and Southern rock for a bit of added flavour, the band make quite a soulful racket that recalls all the best bits of the albums you love from that period and wrapping it all up with a personality of their own. Opening track ‘Discordia Song’ is a thumping piece of power-pop rock that feels a little lightweight when compared to the heavy biker-rock blues of ‘Shine’ but it lets you know that this band are here for a good time.

‘Carved Time’ is a retrospective power ballad with more than a whiff of Lynyrd Skynyrd about it, but The Fuzz Drivers stop short of putting on the accents and let the gentle picking of the verses gather its own momentum before the catchy 80’s glam metal chorus thunders in. But the band save their heaviest tracks for the end, with the main riff to ‘Until it Bleeds’ sounding very Tony Iommi-ish before the rampant sleaze-rock of ‘White Lies’ brings things to an energised close.

The component parts of “The Fuzz Drivers” may not be very original by themselves but when put through the band’s filter it all gels into one gigantic good time and an album that’ll warrant repeated plays, especially when you’re in the mood for something a little lighter but still with big guitars and drums. You’ll swear you’ve heard a couple of the riffs before but that doesn’t really matter when it’s all played with such an infectious energy that captures what good hard rock is all about. Great fun.


in Via Nocturna (Portuguese) – 5/5

Review: The Fuzz Drivers (The Fuzz Drivers)
Ora aí está a primeira grande sensação de 2013 e, arriscamos afirmar, um dos discos que desde já se assume ao título dos melhores do ano. Será ainda cedo para afirmar tal? Seguramente que sim, mas a qualidade demonstrada pelosThe Fuzz Drivers nesta sua estreia homónima é de tal forma surpreendente que esse desiderato é claramente possível de atingir. The Fuzz Drivers é um disco que segue as pisadas dos clássicos e grandes nomes do rock, desde Led Zeppelin aGuns n’ Roses, passando pelos The Doors ou por Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Um disco com grandes canções, uma assinalável energia latente e uma atitude pujante. O baixo, bem coadjuvado por uma bateria altamente dinâmica, tem aqui uma prestação verdadeiramente marcante a ajudar a guindar os temas para patamares únicos defeeling hard rock.
Os três temas iniciais são muito fortes, com as guitarras muito densas e muito intensas, com especial destaque para a sensacional Discordia Song, que consegue cruzar esse poder com um ritmo estruturante sensacional.
Mas é, curiosamente, a partir daí que The Fuzz Drivers começa a explorar todo um potencial rockeiro que o leva para diferentes territórios com o interesse de se mostrar perfeitamente à vontade em qualquer um deles. À vontade e com qualidade.
 Carved Time mostra-se mais melódica e com arranjos mais complexos; Mama Told You tem brilhantes mudanças rítmicas numa estrutura bem seventy ;Into The Sun revela-se alucinante e psicadélica, com os The Doors a espreitarem em alguns momentos;  The Poet And The Thief é um tema frenético com uma bateria estonteante; em Until It Bleeds acentua-se o groove da escola White Zombie; e o fecho é feito com mais um tema denso e conduzido por um baixo cheio de personalidade. Depois… ainda há um pequeno trecho escondido que representa, certamente, o descanso do guerreiro, pela sua forma suave e tranquila.
E é desta forma que os The Fuzz Drivers se estreiam, com um disco obrigatório, de puro rockcom algum sabor stoner e southern e muito sentimento norte-americano. Mas a génese é portuguesa e fica mais uma prova da vivacidade da nossa cena e da superior qualidade de alguns dos nossos projetos.


in Hardrock Haven – 8/10

Based in Portugal, The Fuzz Drivers are a new band that is creating quite a buzz. The quartet, formed in 2010, comprises Marcelo Vieira (vocals), Duarte Carvalho (drums), João Lopes (bass) and Sérgio “Mad Mag” (guitar). Their sound is described as being based on the Classic Rock of the 1960s and ‘70s, Southern Rock and Blues Rock with strong melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Their self-titled debut album, released independently on Jan. 31, features nine heartfelt and soulful tracks. The Fuzz Drivers was recorded, produced and mixed by the band inside their private studio in Portugal. The tracks were mastered by Tiago Santa Rosa inside Estudio Santa Rosa. It is available worldwide from digital download retailers, including iTunes and Amazon, and physical copies are available for purchase from The Fuzz Drivers website. The band will be having a CD Release party at Ritz Club in Lisbon, Portugal on Feb. 27.

According to the band, the first track on The Fuzz Drivers, “Discordia Song” relates to the actual state of disarray and confusion that we live in everyday, trying to find a means of escape. “Shine” and “Eats Me Up” follows with the same upbeat classic rock feel to it. The fourth song, “Carved Time” is reminiscent of The Black Crowes with a touch of The Allman Brothers Band.

“Mama Told You” is the shining star on The Fuzz Drivers. It showcases the band’s cohesiveness and their ability to make it. “Into The Sun” is next, and it pulls a lot of influence from Blues Rock. “The Poet And The Thief” and “Until It Bleeds” are the heaviest tunes on the album, and The Fuzz Drivers deliver on these two songs. The ninth and final track, “White Lies,” nicely wraps up everything with a psychedelic ending.

The Fuzz Drivers have a solid rhythm section, hard rock riffs and catchy songs that will appeal to many listeners. They are rising in the Reverbnation charts and will be making their mark among the music community in the coming months and years.



9 songs with hard rocking driven guitars with mythical riffs and searing solos, crazy drummer fills and breaks, a distortion bass supporting it all and wide range vocals with catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics make this a Classic Rock Album on its own, despite the fact that is brand new and a debut one by the homonymous “The Fuzz Drivers”.

Its opener and first single is “Discordia Song” presenting us with a strong riff and a great chorus, not to mention its solo and grand finale, talking about departure with an optimistic feeling.

Without breathing we’re taken into letting love “Shine” with another guitar riff that promises eternal blues glory. Once again the vocals bring out the best of the band and the drums smash our most conservative conventions out of our minds. Again a great one. 2 Songs, 2 singles.

Next, the Drivers drive us into their best moment of this album with “Eats me up”, an unconventional time signature all along with a powerful and tense instrumental over a great vocal line and a monumental chorus: “Feels like the runaway train’s / gonna get me on the way”. 3 in a row.

And in a rather natural and perfect way, the band introduces us to their mellower side, with their “Carved Time’s clean and slightly detuned guitar, vintage keys and punchy middle eight, reminiscent of the great rock that was made when “those were the days / those were the times”.

Then we march into Southern Rock fields with the guitar of “Mamma told you”, a steady paced song with a catchy chorus and a fast paced solo, the best part within the track. The next stop is “Into the sun”, the vocally richest take in the album, and a song that has a bottom-up approach with soft verses and, probably, the most intense chorus of all, accompanied by an end that makes us feel we’re floating in outer space, on our way into the sun, until the chorus breaks in and puts our feet back on the ground.

The following track is a modern take on the Drivers’ rock sound with a direct hit on the bull’s-eye. “The Poet and the thief” is a song that makes us listen to California and yet feel like Texas, a 4 minute punch to the stomach.

Classic Blues Rock is back with “Until it bleeds”, still retaining a bit of a modern touch in its chorus and the highly melodic and whispery middle eight, once again culminating in a louder and faster chorus! Powerful!

The album’s closer is the late 80s LA sounding “White lies”, which has the fastest guitar solo in the entire album, but is still the simplest of all tracks, making it a day with a gnarl and a smile.
There is still time for an unexpected short reprise of “The Poet and the Thief”, with only voice and keyboards, as a suitable farewell to this great rock album!

All in all, I would say that this album has almost got it all for Rock n’ Roll lovers… Almost, because it makes want to hear more and more songs like these from “The Fuzz Drivers”. Excellent debut album. Loved it!

Rating: 8,5 / 10

João Beato



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